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What to wear with the turtleneck?


The turtleneck is an interesting and versatile piece of clothing, suitable for many occasions and styles. It goes well with many wardrobe items. To have stylish look it is enough to choose the right turtleneck and learn to combine it with other clothes.

There can be several turtlenecks in the closet. Options of neuter colors: black, white, beige and grey will perfectly fit into an office and classic style. If you have found a model of bright color or with an interesting print, get the one for yourself to wear it for various kinds of parties or for strolling around the city.

- This piece of clothing is great to combine with jeans. For example, you can pick up a striped, one-color or printed turtleneck – that is the perfect match for jeans. Look can be completed with a nice jacket, vest or knitted sleeveless top.

- Be careful with the color. If you pick tight fitting bottoms of the same color, then the outfit will have provocative look or will be looking like leotard or tights.

- For the office style you should pick a turtleneck of a neutral color. Better chose light colors, although dark colors are also suitable if the dress code allows. But bright or decorated ones are definitely not the option. Add a skirt and jacket or two-piece suite, and that will be a great outfit for the office.

- A classy look can be created by combining the cashmere turtleneck with a fur vest. This way you will stay warm and will have stylish effect.

- If you are into extraordinary fashion choices, then try to mix the top of pastel color and bright bottoms.

- Turtleneck can be worn over jumper dress made of dense fabric or over a dress. Such set will look just lovely, especially in the cold season. Other stylish combinations with the dresses you will find following the link.

- Nice skirt, slacks or jeans coupled with a turtleneck are a perfect choice for a date. You can experiment with color and combinations. Better if the bottom will not tight fit the figure.

- Don't forget to add some large accessories to the look, such as beads or bracelet. Even watch with beautiful decoration will be a perfect fit with the set.

- The turtleneck outfit looks perfect with classic pumps, ankle boots, boots, or sneakers. Choose your shoes depending on what model of turtleneck you are going to wear.

So, how to wear a turtleneck: tucked or not tucked into pants or into a skirt. All depends on your preference and on the way the upper part of the skirt or trousers is decorated. But remember that if the turtleneck is long, it is better not to tuck it in and also wear a belt on top of it.

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